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ISO/IEC/IEEE 23026 International Standard – Engineering and Management of Websites

This International Standard defines system engineering and management requirements for the life cycle of websites including strategy, design, engineering, testing and validation, and management and sustainment for Intranet and Extranet environments.

This International Standard applies to those using web technology to present information and communications technology (ICT) information, such as user documentation for systems and software, life-cycle documentation for systems and software engineering projects, and documentation of policies, plans, and procedures for IT service management.

This International Standard provides requirements for website owners and website providers, managers responsible for establishing guidelines for website development and operations, for software developers and operations and maintenance staff who may be external or internal to the website owner’s organization.

It applies to websites for public access and for limited access, such as for users, customers, and subscribers seeking information on IT products and services.

The goal of this International Standard is to improve the usability of informational websites and ease of maintenance of managed Web operations in terms of:

  • a) locating relevant and timely information,
  • b) applying information security management,
  • c) facilitating ease of use,
  • d) providing for consistent and efficient development and maintenance practices.
 Books - ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard - Engineering and management of websites

Conquering Bible Interpretation Paperback

This book equips you with the essential principles necessary to interpret the Bible for yourself with ease and accuracy. Find all the essential principles right at your fingertips. Topics include general, grammatical, historical, and theological principles of interpretation. A perfect Bible companion to help you Conquer Bible Interpretation!

Books - Conquering Bible Interpretation Paperback

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Books - Conquering Bible Interpretation Kindle Edition

FREE 31 Days of Devotions for Dudes Paperback

Books - Free 31 Days of Devotions for Dudes Paperback

FREE 31 Days of Devotions for Dudes eBook

Books - Free 31 Days of Devotions for Dudes eBook


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