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Dade Ronan


Looking to learn how to study the Bible? Confused with all those commentaries? Scared of making the wrong interpretation. Don’t know how to apply the Bible to your life?

Attend our Inductive Bible Study Seminar and obtain the tools necessary to be an equipped student of the Word.

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I’ve Taught Over 20 Inductive Bible Study Seminars

Get the training, encouragement, and confidence you need to study the Bible for yourself..

Take your study time to the next level!

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Helping You Grow In The Word

I have learned so much in the IBS course. I highly recommend it.

Jo Cool

Meet the Teacher

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What better way to grow then by studying the Bible.

Dade Ronan

Dade Ronan


I love teaching the IBS course because it empowers people to study the Bible for themselves.

We’ll Have You Understanding The Bible In No Time!

Bible Study Pointing At The Word

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