What are the Top 5 Gamification Articles August 2016? Ranked by total social share engagement for the month of July. Find out which article is at the top.

Top 5 Gamification Articles August 2016

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#1 What it’s like to use the Headspace meditation app


The gamification of Headspace is both a plus and a minus.

I almost always find myself looking forward to progressing in the app, but I also have become obsessed with achieving the 365-days-straight award. With each new milestone, a cartoon-brain man in the app transforms, lifting something heavier. My little guy is currently holding up an anvil. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
2.5K 1.3K 198 5 5 4K

Author and Website:

#Free #Gamification #app #loved by #WallStreet and #Olympic #athletes. @RichFeloni Click To Tweet

#2 Gamification– The Game Changer For Employee Engagement & Business Goals


Gamification is the trending business buzzword signalling the transition in HR approach. As the name suggest, gamification enables organizations to take standard parts of the work day and make them more fun and engaging for employees.

Through IT technology, games can be created based on everyday routines and tasks that are integrated in employee training and recruiting. This in turn, results in a classic win-win situation of greater quality and higher productivity. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
110 2.5K 43 0 0 2.7K

Author and Website:

  • Author: Srini Ramaswamy @sriniwasan
  • Website: linkedin.com
40% of Global 1000 organizations will adopt #gamification. #employeeenagement @sriniwasan Click To Tweet

#3 How not to describe yourself if you want to get funded


We are the  Uber of our industry, applying curated, user-generated gamification to the sharing economy.

That’s pretty much it. That’s the sentence you’d craft if you’re looking to turn off venture and angel investors with a mission statement containing buzzwords that are losing popularity or were never compelling in the first place. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
330 277 559 1 20 1.2K

Author and Website:

Looking to turn off venture and angel investors with buzzwords? #gamification @jglasner Click To Tweet

#4 Women of Wednesday: Keisha Howard on Diversity in Tech and Creating Change With Challenge


As an entrepreneur I tend to be working on several projects at any given time, but the world of tech is where all the magic happens for me. I work in the digital space creating communities around empowerment, authenticity, and technology. Sugar Gamers is all about Gamification and Geek Culture, and having representation in those areas. And my company The BlazeBreakers focuses on showing brands how to market themselves to people who don’t wanna be marketed to… Yeah. I’m a geek of all trades. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
436 45 129 0 0 610

Author and Website:

  • Author: Olivia A. Cole @RantingOwl
  • Website: medium.com
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. #gamification @RantingOwl Click To Tweet

#5 PwC Australia uses gamification to teach cyber security lessons


PwC recently introduced Game of Threats to its Australian clients to simulate what might happen in a real cyber attack.

Participants are split into two teams – attackers and responders – and points are awarded based on outcome. Generally the black hats win first time around, according to PwC partner Richard Bergman, but as the responders learn how to prepare for, react to and remedy a situation, they can claw back the lead. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
22 103 226 0 9 360

Author and Website:

Capture 10,000 #data points in just 10 minutes of #game time with #Gamification. @BeverleyHead Click To Tweet

Honorable Mentions:

#6 This Startup Is Helping Turn Dodger Stadium Into a Pokemon Go-Like Palace

#7 Microsoft acquires game-streaming site, will integrate features into its games

#8 Types of Structural Gamification

#9 Gaming in the classroom: what we can learn from Pokémon Go technology

#10 Ways to Shape Learning with Gamification


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