What are the Top 5 Gamification Articles September 2016? Ranked by total social share engagement for the month of September. See which articles are top.

Sorry for taking so long to post this. I have been very busy developing websites and gamification systems. But alas, I have finished September.

Top 5 Gamification Articles September 2016
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Top 5 Gamification Articles September 2016

#1 Gamers beat scientists to making a protein discovery


It’s no great shock to see citizen scientists make discoveries that professionals miss, but making it through a video game? That’s different. Gamers playing Foldit, a puzzle title that has teams trying to fold the best protein, have identified the shape of a protein before scientists (including two trained experts and 61 University of Michigan undergrads) could manage the feat. And it’s not as if there were legions of contributors, either, as it took a relatively modest 469 players to help out. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
2.6K 202 487 4 66 3.4K

Author and Website:

#Gamers beat #scientists to making a #protein #discovery. #gamification @jonfingas Click To Tweet



In its original iteration, Westworld was a 1973 sci-fi western written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton, its main focus was the Gunslinger android (played by Yul Brenner), tasked with instigating fights. While there is a Gunslinger in this TV iteration (played with deft cruelty by Ed Harris), his role is quite different—he’s definitely not an android, and certainly not the central focus of the show. His instigation skills, though? Brutal and echoing underneath the story’s bubbling surface. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
949 1K 82 0 1 1K

Author and Website:

  • Author: Alicia Lutes @alicialutes
  • Website: nerdist.com
Playthings blur the line between #machine and #human. #gamification @alicialutes Click To Tweet

#3 The Gamification of Loyalty: How brands are using it to drive deeper engagement and data from their customers


It’s that basic human instinct in all of us, that makes gamification such a useful tool in business. Introduce game psychology such as challenges and scoring to everyday activities into the front end of your business, and your customers “win” by enjoying the element of competition while earning rewards. Meanwhile your company builds brand loyalty and increases sales. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
10 831 18 0 0 859

Author and Website:

Companies offering #rewards see 46% higher customer spending. #gamification @HelloBink Click To Tweet

#4 Why Brands Like Under Armour and Gatorade Are Making Immersive, Interactive Games


It’s no secret that brands are having a difficult time getting consumers with ever-shrinking attention spans to focus on, never mind notice, traditional advertising. But some marketers, including Under Armour, Gatorade and Warby Parker, may have found a solution by way of gaming. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
123 242 284 2 12 663

Author and Website:

  • Author: Kristina Monllos @kristinamonllos
  • Website: adweek.com
#Brands are #hungry to get your attention. #gamification @kristinamonllos Click To Tweet

#5 The Right (And Wrong) Way To Gamify Work


Imagine web developers finishing a backlog of mundane ticketed tasks with a zeal usually reserved for playing Pokémon Go or watching a sports championship. The goal of “gamifying” work tasks is to turn otherwise tedious, long-term projects into fun, competitive experiences that get people excited. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
98 367 172 0 8 645

Author and Website:

#Gamification can be a powerful tool to #boost #workplace #productivity. @JasonKulpa Click To Tweet

Honorable Mentions:

#6 Do You Remember Gamification?

#7 How Gamification Enhances the Customer Experience

#8 To gamify or not to gamify community


#10 Gamification for innovation: cubification in action with Hélène Michel and Opopoï


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