What are the Top 5 Gamification Articles July 2016? Ranked by total social share engagement for the month of July. Find out which article is at the top.

Top 5 Gamification Articles July 2016

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#1 Pokémon Go Is Inspiring Small Retailers.


“This weekend, we were just people-watching and noticed everybody staring at their phones,” said John Merritt, manager of CitySen Lounge, an eatery and bar in the CityFlats Hotel in Grand Rapids, Mich. “So, we put the sign up around 3 p.m. on Saturday.”

Smart move, evidently. That sign has driven considerable patronage to the lounge, Merritt said, underscoring how popular Pokémon Go has become in such a short time. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
2.8K 755 758 4 25 4.3K

Author and Website:

  • Author: Marty Swant @martyswant
  • Website: adweek.com
#PokémonGo feature called Lures for as little as $1.19 an hour. #gamification @martyswant Click To Tweet

#2 Educators see gold in Pokémon Go


The crowds are, of course, hunting for elusive digital monsters in the augmented reality game Pokémon Go. Turns out the park has four “Poké Stops,” virtual hotspots where the sought-after creatures and supplies can be found.

To her neighbors, this might be a nuisance. But to Adams-Pletcher, who is an educational game designer, the players in the crowd represent a kind of real-time research trial. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
1.8K 103 490 4 4 2.4K

Author and Website:

Use the #game to get #students to #explore and #research. #gamification @gtoppo Click To Tweet

#3 Lessons Pokémon Go Can Teach the Banking Industry


At a time when most US consumers were looking for a fun summer diversion, along comes Pokémon GO. If you’re not already playing it yourself, your kids and many of your friends most likely are.

The mobile and augmented reality (AR) game from Niantic Labs, a company founded by Google and Nintendo, is impacting consumer’s daily routines while providing somewhat unexpected benefits (physical and mental health, socialization, technological education). Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
240 1.5K 424 3 8 2.2K

Author and Website:

#PokémonGO is a #free #mobile #game. #gamification @JimMarous Click To Tweet

#4 Educational Escape Rooms Engage Students with Innovative Puzzles and Tasks


In most classrooms, it’s not a good sign when students’ eyes flick to the clock. It means they’re distracted and waiting to get out. In Nicole Naditz’s 12th-grade class in Sacramento, California, the opposite is true; students desperately eyeball the clock, wishing for more time.

Naditz’s trick? She’s incorporated a new style of teaching into her lessons that was originally designed for adult games. The increasingly popular escape room has been given an educational twist—padlocked boxes that can only be accessed by decoding verbs, performing math problems, or solving scientific puzzles. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
1.3K 115 473 19 26 1.9K

Author and Website:

#Games have a history of promoting #engagement in a #learning environment. #gamification @almostzara Click To Tweet

#5 Capgemini: Gamification of Social Media Hiring


A paradigm shift in recruitment was the need of the hour, to move from reactive hiring to proactive talent sourcing and mapping to enable the organization in technology bids & articulate expectation setting at the start of the hiring process.

Identification of the right talent on social media needs to be followed up with a plan to enhance the capability of the internal sourcing team. There was a need to systematically invest in learning and development to keep recruiters in the organization up to speed on the social sourcing techniques & tools. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
1.6K 8 5 0 0 1.6K

Author and Website:

With #gamification, break the myth that #hiring through #socialmedia is time consuming. @Calisah Click To Tweet

Honorable Mentions:

#6 Urban gamification: can Pokémon Go transform our public spaces?

#7 How to Easily Add Gamification Techniques to Your Content

#8 Clinton launches app designed to gamify campaigning

#9 SimCity legacy: smarter cities when urban planners play for keeps

#10 How Pokémon Go is improving your city


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