What are the Top 5 Gamification Articles May 2016? Ranked by total social share engagement according to BuzzSumo top content analysis tool.

Top 5 Gamification Articles May 2016

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Below are the top 5 winners ranked in numeric order. The #1 ranked position is the champion for this month.

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#1 Coding school 42 plans to educate 10,000 students in Silicon Valley for free


Xavier Niel’s new project is an ambitious coding university in Silicon Valley called 42. But the trick is that it’s nothing like other universities out there. 42 is free, doesn’t care about your SAT and wants to educate 10,000 students within the next 5 years. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
6K 863 1.3K 0 42 8.2K

Author and Website:

#Educate 10,000 #students in #SiliconValey for #free #gamification @romaindillet Click To Tweet

#2 No Refernce Given

I have removed all references to the #2 ranked top gamification article. Why would I do that?

I do not approve of, promote, or support pornography, nudity, or other related adult content. Sadly, the second place gamification article for the month of May does.

This article is directly related to gamification. Therefore I cannot in good conscious and because of my Christian faith post any references to it.

I want to be above reproach and blameless in regards to my character and honoring to GOD. I hope you understand. You can be #TotallyAwesome without having to delve into that category.

#3 Capsule Toy Sushi Restaurant

So, I think we got so caught up in trying to win a capsule toy that we forgot to be semi-informative here. Ha! The place we went to is called Kura Sushi, and they’ve got a bunch of locations. Our friends here know about Kura as well. When we told them about the conveyor belt sushi with capsule toys they said “OH I GO TO KURA SUSHI ALL THE TIME!” so it’s not just a local thing for us in Kichijoji. And the prices there aren’t that bad, if you think about it.

We had 25 plates of sushi, 4 of which were single pieces and the rest were double, so we’re looking at 45 pieces of sushi altogether, plus a crab shell thingy, plus half an apple mango, plus a green tea, plus a soybean ice cream. All for roughly $45. Not bad! Oh: and we got one capsule toy with four heaping servings of disappointment. But those weren’t included on the bill :D. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
312 0 97 0 1.7K 2.2K

Author and Website:

25 Plates of #sushi to #win 1 #capsule #toy #gamification @eatyourkimchi Click To Tweet

#4 Hate the games, not the players

Imagine that you are lead strategist for the Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump campaign (take your pick). Your job is to maximize voter turnout in November. You hypothesize that more people would vote if doing so were fun. If your campaign could turn rallies and voting into a game, you’d drive more people to the polls, right?

No, not exactly. You’re about to fall into the same trap as dozens of consumer apps, B2B services and companies that have misapplied gamification. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
246 207 733 0 25 1.2K

Author and Website:

Turn #rallies and #voting into a #game and #drive more #people to #polls #gamification @DanRuch Click To Tweet

#5 Lisk Considered for Gamification Through Peerplays

Peerplays is a blockchain-based gaming platform that allows users to play games arbitrated by smart contracts in real-time. Lisk applications each run on a blockchain that uses a consensus algorithm called “DPoS”, which is actually an earlier iteration of the same algorithm that Peerplays will use.

Recently while examining how Lisk operates, it was discovered that apps built on the Lisk blockchain could use Peerplays to become gamified, offering an increased level of fun and monetary incentives their users. By integrating through the Peerplays API, Lisk apps could enable users to play in real-time contests and competitions with their associates and peers. Read More…

Social Share Count:

Facebook Shares LinkedIn Shares Twitter Shares Pinterest Shares Google+ Shares Total Shares
1.1K 5 46 0 2 1.2K

Author and Website:

Use Peerplays to become #gamified, increase #level of #fun #gamification @PEERPLAYS Click To Tweet

Honorable Mentions:

#6 Even Psychologists Respond To Meaningless Rewards

#7 Barclays opens sandbox for gamification challenge

#8 7 reasons to gamify your cybersecurity strategy

#9 Gamifying healthcare to reduce costs Sempre Health launches from the Alchemist Accelerator

#10 Snapchat users are pissed that their scores have dropped without explanation


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