Ultimate List 15 Gamification Meetup Groups

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Did you know there are Gamification Meetup Groups all around the world? Find one near you from this Ultimate List 15 Gamification Meetup Groups.

ultimate list 15 gamification meetup groups

Sometimes it is hard finding and meeting new friends. Making new connections in your niche, industry, or interest can be very difficult. Especially in the gamification industry when you do not know where to look. Then when you find them, you have to find out if they are even interested in the same things you are. In comes Meetup.com.

Meetup Background

What Is A Meetup?

“Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.


Meetup’s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.” (Source)

Meetup Tutorial On How To Find Like Minded People

What Is It Like To Meetup?

Benefits Of A Meetup Group

There a quite a few ways you can benefit by joining Gamification Meetup Groups.

Here are Top 10 Ways To Benefits:

  1. Networking Tool
  2. Sharpen Your Knowledge
  3. Brand Awareness
  4. Obtain Sponsorship
  5. Find Employment
  6. Attract Target Market
  7. Grow Social Media
  8. Get Press
  9. Partner With Local Companies
  10. Establish New Friendships

How To Organize A Meetup

Meetup groups are not much different than organizing a business meeting or event. You can learn how to organize a successful meetup simply by starting one. So trial and error is the best teacher.

For a really great meetup, you need to follow these best practices for meetup organizers. As a result, it may make you the go to local expert in your industry.

Maybe you are already an organizer for one in the Ultimate List 15 Gamification Meetup Groups. I hope your group will continue to grow and be #TotallyAwesome.

Meetup Groups Statistics

Total Meetup.com Groups Statistics as of June 19, 2016:

  • Members: 26.44 million
  • Meetup Groups: 247,293
  • Countries: 181
  • Monthly Meetups: 606,252
  • Monthly RSVPs: 3.92 million
  • Meetups Happening Now: 2,483

Meetup Social Media Sites






Ultimate List 15 Gamification Meetup Groups

Gamification Topics

Instead of listing them completely out, I have linked to them for your convenience. You will notice that any of the Meetup groups are duplicated in other group topics.

Statistics will change in time as people become interested and join groups as well as leaving their groups. So the numbers are dynamic. Also they show that Gamification Meetup Groups are always growing.

Here are 15 Gamification related Meetup group topics:

Without having to click a link, I have listed the full “Gamification” topic group from Meetup.com, below. Pure gamification for your pure enjoyment.

Gamification Meetups

  • 34,933 Members
  • 3,505 Interested
  • 107 Meetups
  • 66 Cities
  • 28 Countries

Chicago HTML5 2,374 Members | Chicago, IL

Gaming + Mobile Entrepreneurs 1,981 Members | San Francisco, CA

Experience Design Stockholm 1,726 Designers | Stockholm, Sweden

The London Educational Games Meetup Group (#LEGup) 1,488 Educational games makers |London, United Kingdom

NYC Digital Marketing Professionals 1,457 Digital Media Evangelists | New York, NY

Internet of Things & Converging Media 1,320 Attendees | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Social Data 1,272 Social Data | London, United Kingdom

Action Design Chicago 1,214 Action Designers | Chicago, IL

Good Morning Change! Stockholm Meetup 1,136 Changemakers | Stockholm, Sweden

ActionDesignATX 1,029 Members | Austin, TX

Video Game Army 824 Héroes | Madrid, Spain

Game-Based Learning NYC 800 Game-Based Educators | New York, NY

Gamification World Meetups Spain 765 Gamifiers | Madrid, Spain

Habit Design® 729 Habit Designers | San Francisco, CA

Game CoLab 718 CoLaborators | Phoenix, AZ

SWUX – South West UX 663 Members | Bristol, United Kingdom

Action Design Miami 635 Action Designers | Miami, FL

Agile3d Distributed Agile Study Group 563 Agilistas | Seattle, WA

District Health (iBehave) 532 Behaviour Mechanics | London, United Kingdom

Gamification World Meetups England 451 Gamifiers | London, United Kingdom

Gamification MX 450 Gamifiers | México City, Mexico

Gamification World Meetups Scandinavia 450 gamifiers | Stockholm, Sweden

Neuroscience & Life Meetup 438 Members | Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Games for Agility, Learning, & Engagement 433 Gamificators | Falls Church, VA

Gamification World Meetup Netherlands 420 Members | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Colombia Gamification Meetup 417 Master Gamifiers | Medellín, Colombia

Santa Monica Gamification | Startup Product Design 403 Gamifiers | Santa Monica, CA

The E-learning School 382 eLearners | Madrid, Spain

vNEXT: Seattle Learning & Development Network 318 L&D Professionals | Seattle, WA

Gamestorming Belgium 316 Game Masters | Gent, Belgium

Athens Gamification Meetup 310 soon to be Gamification Experts |Athens, Greece

transforma bcn 299 transformers | Barcelona, Spain

Gamification in Tel Aviv 279 Players | Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Habit Design® NYC 278 Habit Designers | New York, NY

Budapest Gamification Meetup 266 Gamechangers | Budapest, Hungary

Agile Serious games 261 Serious Players | Amsterdam, Netherlands

GameDEV Iasi Meetup 260 Members | Iasi, Romania

Leave a Legacy 256 Nyomot hagyó | Budapest, Hungary

Lean Startup Russia 253 Lean product managers | Moscow, Russia

gsummitX – Gamification in San Francisco/Bay Area 249 Players | San Francisco, CA

Business Gamification Zürich 245 Gamifier | Zürich, Switzerland

Business Gamification 228 Players | London, United Kingdom

Gaming Startups 218 Gaming Startupers | Paris, France

Brighton Gamification Meetup 209 Brighton Gamifiers | Brighton, United Kingdom

DojoSchool 200 Super-Héros | Paris, France

Gamification World Meetups DACH 194 Gamifiers | München, Germany

Berlin Gamification Meetup 190 Game Thinkers | Berlin, Germany

Gamification Meetup 177 Game Designers | Cambridge, MA

Lynnwood Game Developers – Mobile, Desktop, Life 173 Game developers | Seattle, WA

Barcelona Gamification Think Tank 173 Gamifyers | Barcelona, Spain

GAMIFICATION Gamificación Meetup BA ARG 167 Gamifiqueros | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Science & Education Startups Europe 149 Juggernauts | Berlin, Germany

GLIST – San Diego Games Meetup 141 GLISTers | Del Mar, CA

Atlangames – Gamification France 137 Gamifiers | Nantes, France

Network #AJogada 133 Members | Brasília, Brazil

Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) – Detroit Chapter 132 IDF Detroit Community Associates |Southfield, MI

UX & Service Design 130 UXers | Lisbon, Portugal

GameLabs Nijmegen 128 Developers | Nijmegen, Netherlands

Lego® Serious Players® Colombia 122 Lego Serious Players | Bogotá, Colombia

Serious Gamers Of The Washington DC Region 119 Players | Washington, DC

gsummitx – Gamification in Amsterdam 118 Players | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Belo Horizonte Gamification Meetup 117 Players | Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The Game Gang – Birmingham Gamification Meetup 99 The Gameratii | Birmingham, United Kingdom

Clube Poliglota Blumenau 94 Poliglotas | Blumenau, Brazil

Serious Games Group 93 Membros | São Paulo, Brazil

gsummitX – Gamification in Toronto 92 Players | Toronto, ON

gsummitx – Gamification in Stockholm 85 Players | Stockholm, Sweden

Unreal Engine Floripa 85 Gamers | Florianópolis, Brazil

gsummitX – Gamification in Berlin84 Players | Berlin, Germany

Gamification YYC 82 Gamifiers | Calgary, AB

Habit Design® Utah 79 Habit Designers | Salt Lake City, UT

Gamification for greater good – Meetup Oslo 78 Gamification Heros | Oslo, Norway

eLearners 75 eLearners | Gurgaon, India

eLearning Professionals 73 Members | Gurgaon, India

Game Based Learning (aprendizaje basado en juegos) 69 Miembros | Madrid, Spain

HR Intelligence Meetup: talent management in contactcenters 65 Members | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Digital Education Strategies 64 Digital Education Strategist | Toronto, ON

Gamification. Community. Innovation Meetup 55 Gamifiers | Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Workshop: maak je eigen contact center game 55 Game Designers | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reno Quantified Self 50 QSers | Reno, NV

The DFW Entrepreneurs “Think Tank” Meetup 48 Mad Scientists | Carrollton, TX

Jeddah Go Gaming 48 Go Gamification AR | Jiddah, Saudi Arabia

Habit Design® Colorado 47 Habit Designers | Denver, CO

OJOO 45 OJOOS | Gent, Belgium

Action Design ATX 44 Members | Austin, TX

Gamification World Italy 44 Gamifier | Torino, Italy

Habit Design® Seattle 39 Habit Designers | Seattle, WA

Pune Enterprise Gamification Meetup 37 Bounceball | Pune, India

Boston Persuasive Technology Meetup 34 Members | Boston, MA

DC area Movement of Zionist Political Research Activists 34 zionTalkers | Reston, VA

Digital Divide Healers Meetup 28 Digital Divide Healers | Brussels, Belgium

Gamification Network CHINA (GNC) 26 Gamification Enthusiasts | Shanghai, China

Digital Analytics Vienna 26 Playful Analysts | Vienna, Austria

Habit Design Boston 19 Habit Designers | Seattle, WA

Simagine Business Simulations NL 10 Members | Utrecht, Netherlands

Belua – London Research Lab 9 guinea pigs | London, United Kingdom

Trondheim Gamification Meetup 9 Gamification Heroes | Trondheim, Norway



Finally Meetups are a great way to meet new people, to learn new things, to explore new galaxies, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Sorry, I was getting carried away there.

Do you participate in any Meetup groups? If you do, please post in the comments below which ones and where. 

If you are not plugged into one. Then I encourage you to find one near you from this Ultimate List 15 Gamification Meetup Groups.

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