Top 5 Gamification Articles: October 2015

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Top 5 Gamification Articles: October 2015

What is the Top 5 Gamification Articles and blog posts for October 2015? Ranked by Twitter engagement count according to Topsy‘s search and analytics. 

The dates of Twitter engagement are from October 3 to November 2 of 2015 at Topsy.

What better way to exemplify gamification‘s points, badges, and leaderboards (a.k.a. PBL), then by awarding Top 5 Gamification Articles to authors who write about gamification.

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Note: Some of these articles and posts are still receiving Twitter activity. Their numeric count will be higher from the time the original Twitter engagement count. As a result of the increased Tweet count, the data will change over time. So, if you go back to Topsy, you will not get the same snapshot that took place on the same dates for these articles.  

#1 Gamification Figures

Top 5 Gamification Articles - Gamification Figures HiSocial

There is no doubt that gamification is causing a great interest in various socio-economic fields. In this post we are going to explain several revealing statistics about the growing importance of this issue. Read More…

Topsy Tweet Count: 344

By: Albert Mora @amoracarreno

97% of youth play #computer and #video #games. #gamification @amoracarreno Click To Tweet

#2 The Slow Gamification Of K-12 Classrooms

Top 5 Gamification Articles - Gamification of Education

Research suggests that once these young learners enter a classroom, however, learning through tech “games” disappears. Families may still choose to buy the apps and use them at home but schools are slow to bring gamification of education into their classrooms. Read More…

Topsy Tweet Count: 258

By: Matthew Lynch @lynch39083

#Schools are slow to bring #gamification of #education into their #classrooms. @lynch39083 Click To Tweet

#3 6 Killer Examples Of Gamification In eLearning

Top 5 Gamification Articles - 6 Killer Examples Of Gamification In eLearning

Gamification in eLearning is fast emerging as an effective technique to engage learners.  It has found its place under the sun for serious learning (that is, meeting specified learning outcomes). In this article, I will share 6 examples that outline how we have created immersive learning experiences using gamification for varied training needs like induction and onboarding, professional skills enhancement, compliance, soft skills enhancement, and behavioral change programs. Read More…

Topsy Tweet Count: 106

By: Asha Pandey @eidesignlearn

6 Examples outline immersive learning experiences using #gamification. @eidesignlearn Click To Tweet

#4 Gamification or Game-Based Learning?

Top 5 Gamification Articles - Gamification or Game Based Learning LearnDash

If you have been around the elearning world long enough you have probably heard of using games in learning. You have probably heard of gamification. Chances are you have also heard of game-based learning. In the situations where you heard these terms being used you likely thought that they were referring to the same thing. However, to some people these three are entirely different. Read More…

Topsy Tweet Count: 61

By: Justin Ferriman @learndashlms

We see #gamification on nearly a daily basis. #games #elearning @learndashlms Click To Tweet

#5 The Business Advantages of Gamification

Top 5 Gamification Articles- The Business Advantages of Gamification

In a highly competitive business environment having any edge is an advantage. Implemented correctly gamification will not only give your business an edge over your competitors but it will also help to make your business sustainable. Read More…

Topsy Tweet Count: 55

By: Nishadha Silva @rumblinglankan

#Gamification will give your business an edge over your competitors. @rumblinglankan Click To Tweet

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  1. Albert Mora @amoracarreno
  2. Matthew Lynch @lynch39083
  3. Asha Pandey @eidesignlearn
  4. Justin Ferriman @learndashlms
  5. Nishadha Silva @rumblinglankan

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